Meet Janna Lundquist Consulting’s team


There are 9,925 miles and eight hours of time difference between Janna Lundquist and Tiaan Terblanche. It takes intention and effort to nurture our cohesive, high-performing team. The following values guide our work with each other and with clients:

Trust. Confidentiality, of course. But beyond that – showing up as the imperfect humans we are, and supporting others to do the same.

Growth. Being curious and taking risks sounds great...but is seriously uncomfortable. It also leads to breakthroughs and progress.

Focus. Scaling requires discernment: Only a few opportunities deserve attention. Clearing away the others – the "nos" or "not nows" – is essential.

Prosperity. A rising tide lifts all boats. Entrepreneurship and nonprofit service improve lives, strengthen communities...and are ridiculously fun.

CEO Janna provides the big-picture vision for the company and creative solutions for our clients. Meanwhile, project manager and executive assistant Tiaan creates order and tracks deliverables large and small to ensure our clients’ needs are met.

If you’re a fan of the Kolbe A assessment, it won’t surprise you to learn that Janna is a QuickStart and Tiaan is high on Follow-Through and Fact-Finding.

Macalester College in St. Paul launched Janna into her sixteen-year career in the Midwest and the Rocky Mountains of the U.S. Her professional journey includes experience:

  • At a Minneapolis advertising agency.

  • As a vice president on the senior-management team at First Security Bank, Division of Glacier Bank.

  • As board member and president of United Way of Missoula County.

  • As board chair and volunteer capital committee fundraiser for the Foundation for Missoula Public Library.

Project manager and executive assistant Tiaan, meanwhile, is based in Pretoria, South Africa. His background includes experience:

  • As a floor manager at one of the five largest commercial banks in South Africa.

  • As a sales support team manager for a British law firm and insurance house.

Tiaan thrives when changes need to be made, in particular, system changes. He is always thinking about how processes can be improved. This is also one of the many reasons why Tiaan loves working for Janna Lundquist Consulting. Improving and streamlining things tickles his creativity.

Feel free to visit Janna’s LinkedIn profile for more of her background.

 It would be an honor to serve your team.