I help organizations thrive and grow.


Throughout the chapters of my professional life, I've built strong relationships, tackled critical new challenges, and served the wider community.

I began my career at Macalester College in St. Paul, and in advertising in Minneapolis. I chose the Rocky Mountains of Missoula, Montana as my new home in 2006, and landed at one of the most successful community banks in the country. Over a nine-year career at First Security Bank, Division of Glacier Bank, I rose to serve as Vice President of Strategy & Engagement on the senior management team.

Weaving together my experience leading in the corporate world, serving business owners, and collaborating with non-profits, I launched my consulting practice in 2016. I help leadership teams communicate, make decisions, and take action that drives long-term success.

The clients I focus on are:

  • Founder-led start-up companies with 15 to 50 employees; and

  • Growth-minded nonprofits aiming to make a more significant impact on the communities they serve.

I welcome you to visit my LinkedIn profile for more about my experience.