Advising Leaders. Aligning Teams. Achieving Results.

Transforming frustrated, overwhelmed groups into cohesive, high-performing teams.

People call me the Team Whisperer.

Teams come to me when they’re stuck, overwhelmed, lacking alignment, and pulling in different directions.

From the outside, they have it all: A leadership team with some of the best brains in their industry. But on the inside, they’re missing performance goals and struggling through group projects. They’re perfect on paper but something isn’t working.

Sixteen years of experience in corporate, entrepreneurial, and nonprofit settings give me a deep understanding of team dynamics, employee engagement, and leading through change.

 I assist teams with strategic planning, implementation, executive coaching, and workshops.

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Leadership is exciting and challenging:

  • You and your colleagues feel driven to do more and be better, individually and as an organization.

  • Yet, you’re already stretched thin by your current workloads.

  • Plus, each scroll through your feed and conference you attend raises countless new possibilities.

Poor communication and focus on “turf” – rather than the good of the group – add to the struggle. Cohesive leadership and clear decision-making may sound like a fantasy – but not your reality.

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