Productive Teaming


The Productive Teaming was born from the troubling pattern I observed in "strategic planning":

I'd spend a day or two with a leadership team. Removed from the interruptions and distractions of the workplace, team members would have important discussions; make strategic breakthroughs, and commit to ambitious plans.

Then, reality would set in. Momentum built at the retreat would come to a screeching halt. My job was done, and team members were on their own. They returned to their overflowing inboxes and jam-packed calendars. Amidst the crush of the day-to-day "busy," big plans were neglected. Team alignment and optimism gave way to frustration and cynicism: "What were we thinking? There is no way to get all of this done."

The productive teaming framework is different. I provide my fresh perspective and proven process, plus business savvy and interpersonal know-how. This offering is right for you if:

  • You are bursting with excitement about your company’s potential to evolve and grow…but feel stuck in the day-to-day.

  • You're certain your leaders could create amazing results -- if they just pulled in the same direction.

  • You and fellow leaders need to be held accountable: For making consistent progress on special projects, and for bringing the growth you envision into reality.

Together, we focus on communicating, making decisions, and taking action. Through Productive Teaming, your leadership team:

  1. Reflects on the past and present to envision future possibilities.

  2. Designs the company's growth.

  3. Makes explicit decisions, together, about which opportunities to pursue (and, just as importantly, what drops off the list).

  4. Implements the special projects you've agreed upon that are essential to your growth -- and possible, in light of your other priorities.

  5. Agrees upon the key performance indicators that will measure your -- and our -- progress.

As a result of our partnership, leaders who feel frustrated and stuck gain clarity and momentum. A company's distracting drama decreases, thanks to constructive dialogue and defined priorities. You depend on me for guidance and accountability as your company uplevels.

A strategic growth engagement lasts a minimum of six months and then becomes month-to-month. Depending on your team's needs, one-on-one coaching can be included in your flat monthly fee.

If Productive Teaming sounds like a fit, let's get started.