Align as a team, envision the future

Today’s workplace is busy – chock full of day-to-day tasks and responsibilities, especially for leaders.

Unless you create the time and space, there’s scarce opportunity to think at a higher level and establish your long-term vision.

Strategic planning gets you and your leadership team in a room together to answer three major questions: 

  • Who are we as an organization?

  • What should we focus on for the next two years?

  • When things change, how will we make decisions as a team?

The steps in a typical process include:

  • Creating or revising your mission, vision, and values. They create the foundation of your organization and serve as key decision-making tools.

  • Brainstorming possibilities for the next two years.

  • Agreeing on key themes of focus.

  • Developing strategies or activities to support each theme. 

Depending on your situation, your process may also include:

  • An “environmental scan” at the start of the process, so that a range of internal and external perspectives can inform your planning.

  • The introduction of communication concepts that facilitate productive conversations. 

Sound good? Let’s talk.