I lead half-day workshops for leadership teams, department teams, leadership training programs, and other groups.

When you invite me into your organization, you benefit from the content and expertise I provide. Meanwhile, you set the tone for the culture you're building, and the kinds of leadership you nurture and expect.

Communication, leadership, and emotional intelligence take the lead at my two half-day workshops, focusing on:

  1. Navigating challenging topics. High-stakes interactions can either propel, or destroy, a promising career or important relationship. Learn that it’s okay – in fact, essential – to address difficult topics. With a growth mindset, attendees learn to prepare for and initiate discussions about challenging topics at work and at home. They'll come away with a plan for their own interaction.

  2. Leadership and teamwork through the lens of the MBTI® Myers-Briggs personality assessment. We have inborn preferences for the way we take in information, make decisions, and interact with the outside world. By better understanding them, we can more effectively collaborate with supervisors, direct reports, and peers. Participants complete an online assessment ahead of time and come away from the workshop with a plan for applying their insights to their work and interactions with others.

Contact me to identify the workshop that's right for your group.