I help leadership teams communicate, make decisions, and take action that drives long-term success.

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I work with passionate, high-achieving teams. They want their organizations to thrive and grow. They value a fresh perspective and proven process combined with business savvy, interpersonal know-how, and outside accountability.

Together, we focus on communicating, making decisions, and taking action.

As a result of our partnership, leaders who feel frustrated and stuck gain clarity and momentum. A company's distracting drama decreases, thanks to constructive dialogue and defined priorities. Key performance indicators measure progress.


Productive Teaming

You have big plans to grow your company, but need to get your leadership team on board. You want support translating your vision into real-world implementation, and ensuring special projects aren't neglected in the day-to-day busy-ness. Bring me onto your team for a minimum six-month engagement. We'll plan your organization's strategic growth -- and then make it happen, together.

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Build the leadership and communication skills of your key leaders at a half-day workshop. We'll focus on navigating challenging topics, or the insights of the MBTI® Myers-Briggs personality assessment. Attendees gain insights about themselves and their tendencies; connect as colleagues; and formalize their opportunities for growth into an action plan.

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I’m thrilled with the outcomes of our work with Janna.
We have a plan and a path forward with tangible next steps.
— Melissa Matassa-Stone, WGM Group
Janna was awesome. She set a tone of collaboration, inclusion, respect, and optimism.
— Aaron Brock, Missoula Food Bank
Thank you so much for the lively and engaging space!

Very effective.
— Workshop Participants